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The Only Jam Recipe You’ll Ever Need


Well, I’ve had a rotten week, I have to say. And there is nothing better for that than toast with fresh jam!  Last week a friend gave me 5 kilos of beautiful, dark purple muscat grapes, and I managed to make two big jars before my stove went on the fritz.  I learned to make jam when I was living in Slovakia, the kind that takes hours to cook and you end up hating it.  Another friend of mine soon put me straight, and I’ve never looked back!  This recipe works best with berries and grapes, and you do not need any pectin. Just regular sugar and fruit, and it takes almost no time at all!

First take 1 kilo grapes (and pinch the seeds out of them if you need to. It takes forever but it’s so much better than fishing them out of your jam later.) You can use any kind of berry for this, plums and peaches also work well.  With these kind of grapes I also like to add a few rose petals to the mix.

Add one kilo of regular sugar. This may seem like alot, but that’s how the stuff is made. If your fruit is really sweet, you can get by on a bit less, but remember that sugar is what’s keeping the lot from going mouldy on you.

bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes.  Turn off the heat, cover it, and leave it overnight.  In the morning, bring it to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes.  You’ll know its ready because the bubbles will look stickier, if that makes any sense?

Take it off the heat, let it get a tad bit cooler, pour into jars and flip them upside-down.

And that’s it!



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