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My Miracle Cold Killer

So everyone is getting ill and I thought I’d share my secret weapon against colds.  Now this doesn’t work when you already have a cold, it works when you’re getting one and you want to fend it off.  It’s simple:

Take one giant coffee cup, and in it put 1 heaping tablespoon of dark miso, half a chicken bouillon cube, a small minced clove of garlic and a few good big shakes of habanero or peri-peri sauce (as much as you can take and a drop more).  Pour boiling water over the whole mess, wait a few minutes and then drink up!  you can add noodles or seaweed if you like.  It works like a charm, takes 3 minutes to make, and tastes fab!

Stay healthy!


One response to “My Miracle Cold Killer

  1. eleni ⋅

    LOL Are you sure you didn’t take this one from Asterix and the Laurel Wreath?
    Thanks, my own recipe, also to be used before one actually gets ill, is: take a bag of spicy cocktail nuts and a glass of whiskey or any strong drink you like. Eat several nuts and rinse. Repeat as many times as you can.
    The point of course is to get a strong burning sensation in the throat, has saved me several times.

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