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More Winter Comfort Food!

It is snowing. Again. And cold, yet again.  I think we are all in need of some comfort food so I bring you my favorite: Spissky Pirohy. When I lived in Slovakia, I think I must have eaten this at least every other day for the better part of the year, which is why I made sure to get a recipe from a friend before moving here to Germany.  The only thing you might have trouble finding is the bryndza, which is a soft sheep-milk cheese only made in Slovakia (as far as I know).  You might try substituting it with a feta-paprika spread, which is the closest I’ve found to it.

For the dough:  mix 1/2 kilo of flour with 2 tsp. of oil and 1 egg. Add enough hot water for it to become dough, roll out and cut into squares or circles

For the filling: Take Bryndza (or substitute), mashed potato, dill, salt and pepper (experiment with the amounts till it tastes good to you).

Put filling in squares or circles, fold over and pinch shut.  Boil for a few minutes.

For the topping:  dice some bacon and fry with strips of onion till crispy.

Then: Put pirohy on the plate, put lots of sour cream on the pirohy, then put the bacon and onions on the sour cream.

I seriously need to get my stove fixed or buy a hotplate so I can make this again!!!

Another great variation on this is Monty from Kazakhstan (given to me by a Kazakh student…thanks Elena!)

For the dough: mix 1 kilo flour with 1 teaspoon of salt, one glass of water, and two eggs.  Roll out, cut into squares.

For the filling: mix 1 kilo minced meat, 2 small diced onions, salt and pepper.

Put the filling into the dough, and fold the edges up, pinching them closed at the top.

Steam the Monty for 30-40 minutes, and eat with sour cream or ketchup.



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