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For those of you who know me, it won’t surprise you to hear I have a seriously low threshold for boredom.  But, for every problem there is a solution, so I present to you my favorite time-killing websites of all time:


1. People of Walmart

2. Passive Aggressive Notes

3. Ugliest Tattoos

4. Emails From Crazy People


And my top Vintage sites:

1. Super Kawaii Mama

2. Queens of Vintage

3.  Beauty is a Thing of the Past

4. Glamour Daze

and some more photos of  what I’m working on (while watching classic Dr. Who). They’re all parts of a larger picture that is nowhere near finished! I’m actually considering using one of the figures as a tattoo.


One response to “Randomness

  1. lulu ⋅

    keep drawing! these are great –

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