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Victory Rolls and Cake

After  a year of searching, finally, I found those hair bun things you can use as hair rats! If you are in Germany, you can find them at Claire’s, if your city has one.  I’ve been wanting to try victory rolls forever, so today I made some time.

Here’s one thing you can do with a hair rat:

which I’ll try another day.

I posted a great victory roll tutorial earlier on my blog (here), which is the one I used.

So I chopped the bun supports down to size, and got started. It seriously does only take 5 minutes!

The results:  

Now, I didn’t get the nice holes in the front of the rolls, but my hair is so insanely curly it would  take more hair gel and time than I’m willing to put into it today 🙂 Still, not bad for a first attempt, next time hopefully I’ll be able to get a better shape on them.

And on another note, I am now hopelessly addicted to this:

Whenever I go to the Asian supermarket, I buy one thing I’ve never tried before, and this was this weeks experiment. If any of you have a good Coconut-Pandan cake recipe, please, please let me know!!!!


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