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Screwing around with the hair rats, again.

I always do this. I buy tons of things I think I’ll use and then they sit around the apartment collecting dust forever.  I made myself promise that if I bought all the 40’s hair accessories, that I’d use them, so I spent a few hours messing around with victory rolls and such. Here’s what I ended up with.  I’m still having problems getting a clean roll, as my hair curls up even through tons of hairspray, and when I push the rat up to keep the roll open, you can see it through the front.  Still, this time it shaped up better than the last, so here’s hoping it’ll get better as I go!  I also learned today that the Betty Page faux bang thingy (i.e. rolling up a hair rat in front) looks absolutely ridiculous on me, which is a shame really. Sigh.

Sorry about the crap photos (and the Cure poster isn’t helping the vintage feel, I know! But it’s in front of the mirror, so what can I do?)


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