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Garden Tea

My balcony garden is slowly shaping up and I’ve finally been able to cook with some of my herbs in the past week!  I’ve been making a lot of iced tea lately and thought I would post my two favorites.  The jars are Bertoli pasta jars and give you the equivalent of one big glass of iced tea!

Black iced tea with orange peel and chocolate mint

Just put a sprig of chocolate mint and two teaspoons of sugar (I like cane sugar but use whatever) into the jar.  Then fill a tea bag with a tablespoon of black tea and a big pinch of orange peel. Add the bag and boiling water, stir and put the lid on.  When the tea has cooled a bit, pop it into the fridge and wait for it to chill.

Green iced tea with roses and Spanish mint

Put a few small rose buds and a tablespoon of green tea (I use Sencha gold) into a tea bag.  Put a sprig of Spanish mint and the tea bag into the jar.  Add water that’s off the boil and, if you want it sweet, two teaspoons of honey.  Stir, put on the lid, and when it’s a bit cooler put it into the fridge to chill.

Now all you need is a book :

And a place in the sun:  

Have a great Sunday!


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