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Garden progress




Mr. Stripey tomato, gold oregano and a pear tree

Zucchini, green sausage and pink accordion tomato, and snap dragons

chocolate mint, roses, raspberries, 'hens and chicks'

chinese mustard


While it’s gardening season, expect most of my blog to be about my container garden and less about vintage stuff 🙂  I will post pictures of the spring jacket I’m making, but that’s for later! So here’s what’s new!  I also got two new blueberry bushes, but those aren’t doing anything very spectacular at the moment.  Most of my seeds still haven’t sprouted and I’m getting a bit worried that they won’t come up at all.  I still want to get another poppy plant or two.  The Gartenmarkt at Neumarkt is one of my favorite things every year and I plan to take total advantage of the situation, aaand this year there’s a Reibekuchen stand which makes life just beautiful right now 🙂

I’ve already been able to cook a few things with my garden herbs, here’s the most recent:

Yellow cherry tomatoes with fresh hyssop and gold oregano

This seriously takes no time to make, and is perfect for after work when you’d rather be drinking a beer on the balcony than cooking!

Just slice yellow cherry tomatoes, put in a pan, add olive oil, the fresh herbs, salt and pepper and bake for 10 minutes. Take it out of the oven and put into a bowl.  Then slice up some mozzarella (use the real stuff, not the stringy American kind…trust me!)  and toss it in with the tomatos.  Done! You can eat it with a big piece of baguette or ciabatta to make it more substantial.

This weekend I’m planning on making fresh herb bread, I can’t wait!


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