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“You don’t know how to manage Looking-glass cakes,’ the Unicorn remarked.”

So there are two things of note today: 1. I have the day off and 2. the weather is Dismal.   Which means the thing to do is, of course, go extra girly to make up for the grey clouds outside.

First of all,  get dressed up:

I got this from Friends of Couture

Second up, smell nice:

From Black Phoenix Alchemy smells like cake!

Then, make cake!  Here’s what I made today:

Coconut-Strawberry Cake

200 grams wheat flour

big pinch of salt

10 grams vanilla sugar

70 grams white sugar

100 grams of butter

2 teaspoons of baking powder

80 grams of desiccated coconut

1 egg

a teaspoon of fresh grated lime zest

200 ml of creamy coconut milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Fresh strawberries

I followed the instructions here , then sliced up some strawberries and sunk them into the cakes (I made three mini ones instead of one big one)

What you get is a light, flaky cake, not too sweet, which is how I like them! If you want to make them prettier, make a simple frosting and top with coconut shavings and a slice of strawberry.  If you want it to be more like a traditional cake, just use white flour instead of wheat.

Put on some chill music:  

If you’ve never heard of Peter Broderick, go to his myspace page NOW. Trust me.

And finally (and don’t say you didn’t see this coming) pick up some brain candy:

and enjoy!


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