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a quick update

Hey everyone, it’s bit a bit crazy this week so I haven’t had time to update.  I’ve been working on a new dress from 1933 which I’ll write more about over the weekend, and have been working a lot in my garden, and reading X-men (I’ve decided to read them, in order, from the beginning).  I also started another blog at the urging of some friends of mine.  Last week I stumbled across my old journal I kept when I moved to Greece when I was 19, and I’ll be posting pages from it at a few times a week.  Anyhow, I promise to post an entry in the next few days, so until then!


One response to “a quick update

  1. D ⋅

    Now I know where your blog is! 🙂 I used to blog a lot on myspace. Since everyone migrated to FB, I’ve not been blogging. I kind of miss it.

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