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Sewing Vintage: 1933

It’s finally finished!  I’ve got new garden photos which I’ll post in the next few days, but the dress takes priority 🙂  I had to resize this one, as the pattern was too small, which added a little more work. HOWEVER. After working with pattern sheets this one was a breeze, as, unlike the pattern sheets, these actually have detailed instructions (so no random pieces you have to figure out).  Here it is!

I used a Gucci silk/cotton blend for the pleated insets

and Cerruti pinstriped wool for the dress

because of the center detailing, the extra had to be added to the sides

the inset is pleated first, then sewn in

then the sides are joined, the yoke is sewn in, and the button added. This one is a vintage 40's and made from antler

et voila! The only thing that needs to be done is to iron the hemline...that's why it looks a bit off right here

detail 1

detail 2

the pattern I used from Vogue Vintage



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