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apparently i subconsciously think i’m a crazy person, sleep-gasms, and the want ad i’m thinking of putting on craig’s list (via Confessions of a 20-Something Female)

I just stumbled across this blog today and wanted to share. This chick ROCKS!

I'm not really much of a dream person. I mean, I've never been the type to have a dream and then go in search of it's "deeper meaning" the next morning. Also: I don't sleep much as it is so when I do actually sleep, it's like coma status and dreams are the last thing my brain is focused on. Except that lately I've had a ton of them and I'm waking up constantly because of it and then I'm all, 'OHMYGODBRAIN just let me sleeeeeeep!' And my brain is … Read More

via Confessions of a 20-Something Female


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