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When I Take my Sugar to Tea

We’re having an incredible stretch of beautiful days, something unheard of here in the Rheinland, and I’ve already got a wonky looking farmer tan to prove it (if you’re going to do paperwork outside, don’t bend your arms up and stay that way for too long.  Trust me).  So I’ve put my sewing aside for today (tomorrow I’m going to cut out and resize the vest pattern, come hell or high water) and dedicated today to reading X-Men on the balcony.  Also,  I’ve experimented and made two new kinds of garden iced tea.  And tonight I’m going to make chicken wrapped in Chinese mustard greens and oregano from the garden.  But that’s for later.

Iced Sencha with Chamomile, Spanish Mint, and Rose Petals

I added sugar to this one as a sweetener, put the ingredients in a tea bag, added hot water (exactly the same as I made these teas)  When it gets cooler, put it in the fridge.  This will ice it faster and keep the tea from getting bitter.

it's so clear because it's just been made. It will turn a really nice shade of green later on

Iced Sencha with Strawberry Leaf, Chocolate and Spanish Mints, and Rose Petals

I sweetened this one with honey.  I think once it’s brewed, I’m going to mix in a shot of rum and some coconut milk.

again, this was just made, that's why it's so clear.


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