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Ant cattle ranches and the container garden

Yes, it’s another garden post.  Generally summers will be about gardening and sewing, winters will be about xbox and sewing, so you’ll have to stick with me if gardening bores you to tears 🙂

I’ve been container gardening for a few years now, but this is the first year I’ve really been satisfied with how it’s going.  My pumpkin plant is actually trying to grow around the door and into the apartment, and my green sausage tomato plant is full of unripe tomatoes!  Unfortunately this is also the year that the ant community decided to make my balcony their version of Wyoming and brought their aphid farms with them. Those of you who know me know that I’m not a squeamish person, but clusters of those little black tick like aphids grosses the hell out of me.  Today I declared war.  I squished, I washed, I sprayed and I smushed, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors thought I was doing a Mexican hat dance on my balcony, but I think I got most of them.  Except on my zucchini plant.  I think tomorrow I’m going to have to bring the whole pot in and hose it off in the shower.

On the postitive side, I’ve been eating really well from the garden so far, even though it’s too early for veggies.  Here’s what I made yesterday:

Garden Salad

From the garden: rose petals, zucchini flower, two kinds of mustard greens, nasturtium greens, gold oregano, marjoram, hyssop, Spanish mint,  and tarragon.  I added bell pepper, tomato, feta, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It tasted awesome, and was really pretty.

Here are a few pics of what my balcony looks like now (the zucchini flower ones were taken three days ago)!

from three days ago. zucchini, bell peppers, nasturtiums, green sausage tomato, rasberry and roses

hokkaido pumpkin, chinese mustard flower, white cucumber

the pumpkin invasion

chamomile, strawberries and peas. Three years now and I haven't had a decent pea plant yet 😦

My heirloom watermelon radishes. I just got the seeds last week, so I'm really excited for them to grow!

lilac, Spanish mint and the view

Mr. Stripey tomato, gold oregano, chocolate mint, blueberry bush, and what I hope to be a newly sprouted spinach

green sausage tomato.

peas and roses. you can see where the little bastards have been going for their dinner parties

pear tree, rose bush and snapdragons

tarragon, marjoram, and rue. I've been using the straw from the chair seat as mulch for the strawberries

ivy and green-in-snow mustard flowers

view one. There's also pink accordion tomatoes, lovage, hyssop, st. johns wort and a bell pepper plant that somehow didn't make it into the photos.

view 2


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