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cotton, earth and cocteaus

I can’t believe how crazy things have gotten all of the sudden! Between getting my intercultural trainer certification in Berlin, getting ready for my brother’s wedding in Hawaii, planning a visit to a friend in Luxembourg, preparing to teach my first intercultural communications seminar (also Berlin), dealing with tax stuff, and getting new courses here in Köln,  I’m freaking out a bit.  To deal with the stress, first of all, new vintage sewing project.  Second, gardening.  Third, I’m going on a total dream pop kick.  When things get stressful, it’s like ‘putting on an old sweater and snuggling under the blankets’ comforting.

Here’s what I’m making:

the red one in the middle

using the skirt on the right instead o the one in the original. Both are from 1932.

with this fabric from Max Mara. I think it will look hot with a white blouse with puff sleeves and a men's tie.

In other news, my Mr. Stripey and pink accordion tomatoes have started to grow actual tomatoes!  My green sausage ones are doing well, but I’m having a problem with blossom end rot.  I’ve put on some calcium rich organic fertilizer, so helpfully that helps things!  Also, there are snapdragons.

Here’s what I’m growing:

gave the creeping pumpkin from outer space a trim today. One of these days I'm going to wake up and find my entire flat overgrown and the plant standing over me, leering.

mr. stripey. best name for a tomato ever.

pink accordion tomato

my cucumber plant has finally decided to get its ass in gear

And here’s what I’m listening to:


2 responses to “cotton, earth and cocteaus

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  2. Di ⋅

    I absolutely adore that skirt! The tomatoes aren’t bad either 😉

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