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bookshelves, crinolines and pumpkins

Two days ago my bookshelf finally caved under the pressures of life and committed suicide, taking about 150 books, my clothes rack fully loaded with wet laundry, three jars filled with coins and two knick knacks with it.  This of course happened at midnight, because these things never happen in the daytime when you’re awake and ready to deal with things.  Needless to say I’ve been spending my free time trying to bring some order back to my flat and yesterday evening, after 6 hours of hauling furniture, evicting spiders, moving books, vacuuming up broken glass and moving things to storage, I showered off the grime and rejoiced 🙂  Thanks to Carly donating an armchair and a real, solid bookshelf (which I hauled 8 blocks and up three flights of steps with only a wagon and an 80 year old neighbor. I rule.) I now have a reading corner!


my new reading corner!

view 2

I’m so excited!  In other news, it’s FREAKING HOT.   Which means I finally have a reason to wear my 50’s/60’s sundress!  Also, because I needed to get my hair out of my face, and also for the hell of it, I did my hair up too:

And finally, I have achieved green sausage tomato! They’re not what I expected, but I like them alot.  the one in the middle (the yellowish one) is the ripest.  I wanted to get the others off before the blossom end rot hit them, so I’m going to ripen them in the kitchen.  And, because it’s pretty, a pumpkin flower.

As crazy as it sounds, I grow pumpkin plants just for their flowers...


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