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First, we take Manhattan…

Finally here are my photos from Berlin!

The seminar was great, although the level of German was very high and there was alot I didn’t understand.  Next time should be easier!  I also have to say that when I first arrived in Berlin, I hated it.  The first few places I had to go were wide open, not very populated and frankly, I felt cheated.  Things took a turn for the better, however, when I decided to take a taxi to my hotel (I only had an hour to check in to the hotel and get across Kreuzberg for the seminar).  After almost killing us both showing me the sights, the driver took us under the tracks into Kreuzberg, and from that point on, Berlin, I love you!

a door on Schlesischestraße

spooky blurred when I tried to take the picture

lights at a bar across the water from our bar

Kreuzberg graffiti

view from the Admiralsbrücke



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