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And here are the pics from the weekend in Kreuzberg!  Every time I go I think it doesn’t get any better, but it always manages to 🙂  This time I managed to get a single room at an amazing hostel across the street from the seminar.  It’s a converted warehouse, called Die Fabrik.  Rooms are basic but it’s in a great location and the hostel itself is really cool.

the hostel lobby

the courtyard

the entrance

luckily I got in a bit early, and got a call from another of the seminar participants, and we decided to grab an ice cream just off of Schlesischestr.  It was incredible.

one ice cream to rule them all

I can never get enough of the street art in Berlin

Eating well is also never a problem.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of these restaurants, but I’m going to find out and post them soon…

the best Vietnamese food in the hippest restaurant.

A vegetarian and service were so so, but the restaurant itself is beautiful! Also, they have pink lemonade.

Saturday evening I spent at Alexanderplatz trying to buy a notebook.  In the end I gave it up as a waste of time and patience, but the square was at least interesting, and it was the first time I really saw a part of Berlin other than Kreuzberg.


I do realize that most of my photos have no people in them…I personally detest having my picture taken, so I always feel guilty taking other peoples pictures 🙂 next time I’ll try to get more street life.


5 responses to “Berlin

  1. Yes, we can wonder how our image will travel after some tourist has taken us a photo. But I guess I don’t find it unconfortable when I get caught in other peoples pictures, I’m not famous 😛

    nice photos 🙂 thx for sharing

  2. tulpoeid ⋅

    For once I manage to comment here instead of “liking” on facebook. I don’t know how you can resist spending a serious to ridiculous amount of time in Berlin after all these years in Germany!
    Also, we’d like more pics from Hawaii please.

  3. Scotty ⋅

    I too detest having my pic taken, so I think your pics are great! I love all the different areas you photographed. Jason and I, whenever we travel, always look for Urban/Street art, and try and document it, before some one destroys, or defaces it.

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