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Hawaii, Berlin

I’m back!

Hawaii was beautiful and Berlin was amazing, although the neverending quest for the netbook continues.  I know it’s taken me forever to post the pictures (my brother’s wedding was end of August), but I had to pack up and go to Berlin for the seminar only a week after and it’s been crazy with new courses since then.  Today I’m going to take the last edibles out of my garden and make another pesto. Hopefully I’ll get pictures 🙂  I’ve also picked up a sewing project again after the summer, and HOPEFULLY I’ll get my 40’s style autumn coat and dress finished this month (ha ha).

For now, here are some photos from Hawaii, Berlin pics will follow

View from my apartment in Waikiki

I was so jetlagged I woke up at 3:30 every morning. The plus side is that I had the beach more or less to myself for a few hours every morning

Waikiki beach and the Diamondhead. This is probably my favorite view from the whole trip.

The booze cruise boat. For 30 dollars there's an open bar while you sail around the coast. Probably the best idea in the history of mankind!

the amazing sky and sea, right before sunset.

A view from where my brother got hitched, at Lanikuhonua on the west coast of Oahu. Probably one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

My brother's wedding was awesome

another view at Lanikuhonua

sunset at the wedding


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