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Art, ties, and video games: Part 1

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated this blog!  Things have been really busy lately.  First off, I’m planning on going on a walking pilgrimage in summer from Cologne to Santiago (next year is step one of three). You can read more about it on the blog I made for it .

In other news, I just got two new handpainted vintage ties.  The description says they’re from the 40’s, but I’ll bet the red one is from the 3o’s, as it has EXACTLY the same birds on it as two pins I have, which are definitely from that decade.  I love the early 30’s women in skirts, jackets and ties look, and have been meaning to get some for ages now.  I’ve got some patterns for suits that feature a tie in my Swedish pattern magazines, so that will be another project 🙂 Anyhow, some of you have asked for pictures, so here they are with modern clothing.

it's a little wrinkly. I'll iron it later 🙂


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