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Ties, Art and Video Games: part 2

ok, I’ve got some time again and my computer has stopped acting up, so here’s the second part of last week’s post.  For those of you on facebook, you’ve already seen this, sorry 🙂  For those of you not, I made a “book of hours” to learn photomanipulation, and decided to post the corresponding one each month here.  Also this work is mine,  please don’t steal!


There is wind where the rose was,

Cold rain where sweet grass was,

And clouds like sheep

Stream o’er the steep

Grey skies where the lark was.
Nought warm where your hand was,

Nought gold where your hair was,

But phantom, forlorn,

Beneath the thorn,

Your ghost where your face was.

Cold wind where your voice was,

Tears, tears where my heart was,

And ever with me,

Child, ever with me,

Silence where hope was.

—Walter de la Mare

Here are my incredible sources (from
Model: link by seanpm
Night background: link by Antithisis-Stock
Abbey background: link by TudorxRose
Harvest texture: link by GlamourousAcid-Stock
Orange texture: link by Gild-a-stock
Leaves: link by `scotto
Moth: link by dead-stock
Trees, wood, bark, lichen, moss and fungi:
link by shadoj, link by Jonathan2478Resource, link by kool007kat, link by Kaeloth, link by quaddles (love your username, by the way!), link and link by LucieG-Stock, link and link by WCat-stock, link by helly7307-stock, link by joannastar-stock, link and link by somadjinn, link by texturestockbyhjs, link by MacKenziesPride, link by prolific-stock, link by struckdumb
Thanks guys!


One response to “Ties, Art and Video Games: part 2

  1. nicol ⋅

    yeah, thats what november is like..beautiful!

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