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My Favorite 35 Links from 2010

So I’ve been posting a ton lately, I just got really behind over the holidays so I’m getting it all up now.  I thought I’d put up a list of my favorite links from 2010.  Most of them are from last year, some of them are older but I discovered them this year and are too cool not to include 🙂  Also with the crap weather, this should keep you occupied for at least one snowy Saturday.

1. Immortal Jellyfish

2. This guy turns his computers into AMAZING steampunk machines

3. The Scale of the Universe

4. A Brothel Menu from 1912

5. The Art of Choosing on

6. Deep Fried Beer is Invented

7.  Hyperbole and a Half: Why I’ll Never Be an Adult

8. MIT Offers Free Course Material Online

9. The Laws of Physics Don’t Work Everywhere

10. Vertical Vegetable Gardens are Awesome

11. Korean Guy Marries a Pillow

12. The European Energy Supergrid

13. The Foreigner’s Guide to Finland

14. Two Gentlemen of Lebowski (it’s now a book!)

15. The World Beard and Moustache Championship

16. Chinese Archaeologists Find 2,400 Year Old Soup

17. Nasa’s Mad Home Repair Skillz

18. The Butterfly Circus

19. Symphony of Science.  You can find tons more videos at

20. The Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack is Incredible

21. Mark Steel Lectures.  Make sure you watch all 4 parts, it gets better as it progresses.  Oh, and watch all the other ones while you’re at it!

22. Vader the Barbarian.  Epic.

23. The Reconstruction of an Ancient Athenian Girl

24. Never Say No to Panda!

25.  Words defy this video.

26. Drunk History.  The Most Brilliant Idea Ever.  You can find more of them on their Youtube page.

27.  This guy is so bizarre I kind of love him.

28. The most stunning advertisement I’ve ever seen.

29. The Jane Austen Fight Club

30.  A Dancing Dog.  I know, I hate animals doing people things too, but this dog is really good.

31. Unbelievable animation, I can’t watch this enough times.

32. The coolest history teachers in the world.  They’ve got a youtube page chock full of videos like these.  Respect!

33.  This video brings tears to my eyes every single time.  So beautiful!

34.  A Very Zombie Holiday

35.  Geeks Rule! It’s ArcAttack!



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