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Ways to deal with a rainy day

Don’t get me wrong.  Compared to snow, this rain is heaven.  Still, it is a bit depressing.  Luckily today I met a friend who had discovered two new shops here in Cologne: one tea shop that sells tons of different teas, including my favorite matcha lattes (love) and the other is a chocolate shop that sells hundreds of solid hot chocolate bases, some of them with the corresponding booze shot included in the package.  It’s also a cafe where you can sit and try all of them in the shop.  I didn’t have my camera, of course, so I wasn’t able to get photos .  But here’s the loot:

seriously, they have a wall of these in all different kinds, ranging from chocolate irish whiskey (whiskey included) to wasabi orange carrot with white chocolate. The shop's name is The Chocolate Company and it's on Kettengasse 2


I finally bought matcha for home. The tea shop sells tons of teas which you can drink there or take home. Also, there's a massive couch you can crash on while you drink your tea. And there's cake. It's called Café Teassion and is on Kettengasse 10-12

Both these shops are incredible and I promise to go back and take photos of the inside of these places!  All I had was my mobile phone and I still can’t figure out how to get the photos from the phone onto the computer (it didn’t come with a cord).  The best part of this is that both these places are just down the road from Royal Cupcakes, which is the most amazing cafe in the city, in my opinion.

Thirdly, said friend had just come back from India and had promised to bring me something nuclear back.  So she goes into the shop and asks the lady for the hottest chilis she’s got.  Apparently she had to promise the shopkeeper 3 times that yes, she actually meant that, and brought me these (the bag has the really hot stuff)


I also got shoes for my pilgrimage, which you can see more on my other blog.

I guess what I’m trying to say is:  meet a friend, drink fancy tea, blow your money on something you need, get a girly hot chocolate and then blast your sinuses with chili.  this is how to deal with soggy weather.  Also, for some rainy day music, I suggest: 

Hang in there!


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