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Lace and Leichen

For the Karneval’s Ghost parade this year, I decided to go with an ‘evil Edwardian doll’ look for the simple fact that I had Edwardian clothes laying about and my costume choice was way last minute.  It turned out much better than I had hoped, though!  The hair was the hardest part to do, as I wanted an authentic Gibson girl pompadour.  I found this site very helpful: The Seamstress of Avalon , although I did things a bit differently.  Rather than rat the middle section of my hair, I used hair rats (not authentic ones, either.  I use those mesh donuts you can buy to make a bun in your hair, then chop them in half), and my ponytail started much lower.  This hairstyle is way easier to do than it looks! Here are the results:

side pre-makeup

finis! I had to take glam shots, of course.

sorry, I know this picture is crap, but it was the only way I could get my whole outfit at once.

doc martins mary janes are the comfiest shoes...if you're going out partying for a long time, wear them.

And more photos from the parade:

the Aussies

not really an appropriate costume for the occasion, but this guy was ROCKING the zz top costume. that's his real beard.


2 responses to “Lace and Leichen

  1. Racaire

    *lol* that’s sooo cool 😀
    you are sooo pretty 🙂

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