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Sewing a vintage 1935 blouse, and an update

I know it’s been a while since I updated here, but I was blogging here about my Jakobsweg.  Also, I’ve had construction workers on my balcony so I just now got it more or less organized.  I’m still missing a wall between my balcony and my neighbors, and there are a few more plants to get. It will take me a few posts to get all caught up, but Eurovision is tonight so I’ll be at my computer anyhow (go Iceland!).

first things first, I made another 30’s blouse. I was digging around in the remnant bin at Kardstadt and found THE perfect fabric for it, and used a pattern in Das Blatt der Hausfrau, issue 7, December 1935 for the cut.

I wasn’t crazy about the neckline, though, so I altered it and went for a more ‘cravat’ look.

The sleeves are my favorite part!  I also decided here not to use so many buttons, as the sleeves fit tightly enough without them.  I did use one vintage button on each sleeve, although it’s more for looks than for function:

Here are a few more images:


Edit:  Here’s a photo a friend took of me wearing it (under a waistcoat)! I totally need more of these!

The pattern is really easy to make and easy to modify. The only problem is that the blouse is meant for a high-waisted skirt, and the only one I have doesn’t match.  I’m planning on making a skirt to go with it, but am also thinking about adding a waistband and fitting the blouse, either with a tie closure or a button one.  Here’s the skirt I’m planning:

Let me know if any of you make this blouse too!


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