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Pickled and Jammed: Ways to pass a rainy day

Last weekend I got motivated and decided to jar everything I could get my hands on.  I then got smacked down with a cold and have been swimming in Law and Order reruns and hot tea, so I didn’t get around to posting them till now 🙂   The jam and cake are my own creation, but the pickled mushrooms and tomato sauce are from two vintage recipes I posted earlier.  I know there’s been a ton of food posts lately, but I’m on a bit of a fad with this right now and it’s the perfect time of year! I’m also trying out different things to do with my garden plants.  Salads are great but there’s so much more you can do! Here are the recipes in case you want to try them.

Peach Berry Jam (honestly the best jam I’ve ever made)

1 kilo peaches

a large handful of raspberries

juice from half a lime

1 kilo sugar (or a little less)

half a vanilla bean (or vanilla extract)

You make this just like the jam recipes I posted a few weeks ago, except this needs to be cooked much longer. Boil 10 minutes the first round, wait overnight,  then 20 to 30 or until it’s sticky.  I didn’t cook it as long as I would have for a thicker jam, as I was looking for something a bit more liquid to eat on cake.  The color is amazing and it tastes so good!  If you use a vanilla bean instead of extract, after boiling for the first time, put the vanilla bean to the mix for about 15 minutes and then remove.

I made WAY more than this...this is the extra jar. I love the color!

so once I had the jam, I decided I needed to use it to make some cake:

Whole Wheat Jam Cake

the smaller cake. I cut it in half before remembering to take the picture. Also, the cake is flipped upside down

(disclaimer…I’m not the most accurate measurer even when I’m baking. I’m a fan of the chaos cooking theory, so things might be a bit off…when in doubt, use your judgement)

Mix 200 grams of sugar with 120 grams of butter.  Beat two eggs and add.  In a separate bowl mix 200 grams of wheat flour with 8 grams of baking powder and add to the mix.  Now here’s the surprising bit. At the supermarket they didn’t have any small containers of regular milk, and I didn’t want a whole liter.  So I ended up using vanilla milk (Landliebe) instead of regular milk and vanilla and it was actually really good.  trust me on this one.  Anyhow, add 150 ml of vanilla milk to the mix, mix it all together and pour into cake or muffin forms.  So I made two cakes, one smaller that I added jam in the middle of (which ended up sinking through to the bottom and making a layer) and a big one that I marbled the jam into. Both were great so run with it!  for a normal sized cake bake for 30-40 minutes or 25 minutes for a smaller cake (my oven is a mini student oven with no settings for heat. If you’re a new baker, I’d go look at some basic cake recipes and follow their temperature and time recommendations.)  I strongly urge you to eat it warm. maybe even with ice cream if you’re feeling crazy.

After which I was desperate for something savory, so I went back to my post with translations from 1919 post-war recipes and decided to try the Mushrooms in Vinegar to Put on Bread, which is basically just pickled mushrooms.

I used minced garlic instead of horseradish and marjoram and hyssop from the garden instead of dill and they turned out AMAZING.  I also added some water to the vinegar (I think it was 1:1), which I strongly suggest.

And, as we’re looking for YET ANOTHER weekend of rain here in Cologne, I’m thinking about sewing some more vintage and doing something with my green tomatoes.  And speaking of tomatoes, my cream sausage and moonglow have put out a few ripe ones this week!

cream sausage and red basil

Moonglow. The color is the best part, it really is a pumpkin orange.



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