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Christmas (Part 1)

Again, it’s been a while, but I’m totally and completely addicted to Skyrim.  Germany is the best country ever to celebrate Christmas in, and I did manage to leave my xbox long enough to enjoy it 🙂  This will be a two parter because I have tons of photos and a few recipes to post, and I don’t want to crash your computers.  So first, the Christmas Markets!


Köln Altemarkt


more at Altemarkt. There were so many people it was like walking in the ocean.


more Altemarkt

the new haircut

Köln Neumarkt

Gingerbread stall at Köln Neumarkt

Star shop at Neumarkt

There is nothing better on a cold day than warm, burnt almonds. Except for Glühwein.

Marienheide Forest-Market. This is my favorite of all of them! They had boar meatballs, smoked trout, bread baking in wood ovens and lots of mulled wine! It even snowed for us.

Clan Villani and booze

you could get trout straight out of the smoker. It was sooo good.

Cocoa with rum. It's nice to hang out with other bloggers, you're not the only one taking photos of random stuff!

And that’s that!  Part two, in which I learn how to salt a sheeps hide in Bavaria and eat Spanish style flaming rum sausages coming soon 🙂



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