Spring Cleaning!

I am determined to get my apartment in order this spring if it kills me!  A few months ago I was cleaning out my closet and realized exactly how many bags of fabric scraps I had squirreled away in there and decided to do something about it.  I am absolutely incapable of throwing away fabric, no matter how little of it there is and I had accumulated a ton of silk, velvet, vintage fabric and linen bits over the years.  I also had a favorite blanket that had definitely seen better days (word to the wise, no matter how cold it is when you’re camping, or how tempting it is to hold your blanket over the  heater for a second to get some warmth in, don’t.  Unless circular burn marks are your thing.  :-)), so I decided to jazz it up.  I can’t believe I had never thought of this before!

Seriously though.  You may be thinking “how hard can sewing small rectangles into a big rectangle be?” The answer: really goddamn hard.  Just trust me when I tell you to measure the crap out of it after every row.

sorry for the lumpy bed, I couldn't be asked to actually make it correctly 🙂


the back

Another thing I did to cut down on the scrap heap in my house is make a bean pillow for a friend of mine who has some health problems.  This one  is totally easy.


Sew a tube, inside out. Sew one end shut and flip it right side out.  Fill half-way with beans (or cherry pits), fold edges in and sew shut.  I also made a pillowcase for it to snazz it up a bit.  The pillow itself should be out of cotton (or a microwavable safe fabric, check before you use it!) and can be microwaved.  The beans keep the heat in really well.  You can also scent it with an essential oil if you like (I used sandalwood).

In other news, some new seeds for the garden have arrived!  I’ve decided to grow heirloom lettuce, cucumber and onion this year as well as huckleberry.  I can’t wait to get into the garden and start planning!  More on that next time 🙂

so. excited.