And here are the pics from the weekend in Kreuzberg! ┬áEvery time I go I think it doesn’t get any better, but it always manages to ­čÖé ┬áThis time I managed to get a single room at an amazing hostel across the street from the seminar. ┬áIt’s a converted warehouse, called Die Fabrik. ┬áRooms are basic but it’s in a great location and the hostel itself is really cool.

the hostel lobby

the courtyard

the entrance

luckily I got in a bit early, and got a call from another of the seminar participants, and we decided to grab an ice cream just off of Schlesischestr.  It was incredible.

one ice cream to rule them all

I can never get enough of the street art in Berlin

Eating well is also never a problem. ┬áUnfortunately I can’t remember the names of these restaurants, but I’m going to find out and post them soon…

the best Vietnamese food in the hippest restaurant.

A vegetarian and service were so so, but the restaurant itself is beautiful! Also, they have pink lemonade.

Saturday evening I spent at Alexanderplatz trying to buy a notebook.  In the end I gave it up as a waste of time and patience, but the square was at least interesting, and it was the first time I really saw a part of Berlin other than Kreuzberg.


I do realize that most of my photos have no people in them…I personally detest having my picture taken, so I always feel guilty taking other peoples pictures ­čÖé next time I’ll try to get more street life.


First, we take Manhattan…

Finally here are my photos from Berlin!

The seminar was great, although the level of German was very high and there was alot I didn’t understand. ┬áNext time should be easier! ┬áI also have to say that when I first arrived in Berlin, I hated it. ┬áThe first few places I had to go were wide open, not very populated and frankly, I felt cheated. ┬áThings took a turn for the better, however, when I decided to take a taxi to my hotel (I only had an hour to check in to the hotel and get across Kreuzberg for the seminar). ┬áAfter almost killing us both showing me the sights, the driver took us under the tracks into Kreuzberg, and from that point on, Berlin, I love you!

a door on Schlesischestra├če

spooky blurred when I tried to take the picture

lights at a bar across the water from our bar

Kreuzberg graffiti

view from the Admiralsbr├╝cke


Berlin and a new addiction

I’ve been spending the week preparing for a three day seminar in Berlin, which, after 3 such weekends, will certify me as an intercultural trainer. ┬áI’m excited, but I’m going to miss having a weekend!

Also, I’ve just discovered , and am completely addicted. ┬áI’ve also started learning how to use photoshop-type programs and I’m having a hard time stopping ­čÖé ┬áMy username is combray over there if you feel like mozying on over and having a look at my artwork!

I’ll post more after Berlin, with pictures!