Sunday update

Just a few things today

First off, here are my three favorite cooking blogs.  I love to sit around on a Sunday afternoon and look through them with a cup of coffee! In no particular order, they are:

One Hungry Chef

Retro Housewife

Cooking in Stilettos

Second, another of my cups arrived!  It isn’t art deco, but I just couldn’t help myself. It’s a Biedermeier era cup and I scored it for under 5 Euro, which is incredible!  My number one rule to vintage shopping (and one that took alot of trial and error to realize) is that for vintage clothing, shop on American ebay every time, and for vintage and antique books, always go to British ebay; but for vintage kitchen things and furniture, it’s ebay Germany all the way.  The cup is in amazing condition, except for a bit of wear on the gold  band around the inside.

I’ve also been spending quite a bit of time trying to find vintage patterns to use for a 40s or 50s style Hawaiian dress.  My brother is having a luau party before his wedding in August, and I’ve decided to make something I’ll wear more than once, rather than buy a lame shirt at the airport that will sit at the bottom of my closet for all eternity.  Any suggestions?

And finally, this month Bioware is putting out DLC for Mass Effect 2 (a firewalker!) AND an expansion pack for Dragon Age Origins. It feels like Christmas!